The Mission

Triple-E Manpower and General Services, Inc. is dedicated to help employees improve their quality of life by providing them with decent and dignified jobs. Committed in providing quality service to our clients while contributing to country’s economic growth.



The Vision

To be a reputable service provider with established branches nationwide. An active member of PALSCON and PMAP. Manned with efficient and highly determined professional employees, substantially contributing to the development of the economy by job generation/creation.



The Philosophy

We espouse the philosophy that is embedded in the heart and soul of every man and woman which are the longing and the need to create. 

We have the conviction that the human body is the temple of God, the Supreme Creator and Sustainer. In every man there is Divine spark and this exhorts and impels him toward work of creation in building things of beauty, art and utility. 

Furthermore, our most cherished principle of creativity is above all personality, and individuality, our creative ideology is impersonal, unbiased and objective, transcending the individual and the singular, thus, it sublimates exclusive personalities of men and women of the company. We are all as one being, unified and committed toward the fulfillment of our guiding mission to be unknown to be unknown, uncelebrated, and sterling Triple-E Manpower & General Services, Inc.



The Foundation

Triple-E Manpower & General Services, Inc. is duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in May 2003 with a primary purpose of providing high quality manpower services in commercial and industrial firms. Its key personnel are highly qualified technicians, field supervisors and specialists with proven experience, expertise, utmost integrity and professionalism. 

The company, in consonance with its established reputation and capability in providing nationwide manpower services and generation of local employment, also ventures into contracts with firms and offices in the country where areas are unreachable by other manpower companies due to poor accessibility, geopolitical or weather conditions.




SEC - CS200311188 

Business Permit No. - 2014020661 

DO18-A - NCR-MFO. - 74911-0910-049 valid until October 29, 2016




PMAP - People Management Association of the Philippines

PALSCON - Philippine Association ol Local Service Contractors

DOLE - Department of Labor Employment

PESO - Public Employment Service Office